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Good News


warm congratulations

Dear all employees of Handel and all friends who care about us:

We are very honored to announce that ourcompany has been selected as "Quality Equipment Enterprise" by China Material Recycling Association. This honor is not only a high recognition of the overall strength of our enterprise, but also an affirmation of our continuous pursuit of Excellence.


Here, we especially thank Lan Ling and Zhang Wei for their active participation. Their contributions and efforts have won this important honor for our enterprise. The professionalism and dedication of Lan Ling and Zhang Wei not only reflect the corporate culture of Handel, but also set a good benchmark in the industry.


Since its establishment, Handel has been committed to providing various high-quality and efficient solutions for the green dismantling and environmental protection dismantling of scrapped vehicles, and promoting the development and progress of the industry. We firmly believe that high-quality products and services are the core values of enterprises, and excellent employees are the important guarantee for the development of enterprises.


Thank all the friends who support and pay attention to Handel. We will continue to give back to the society with high-quality products and services and strive for a better life.


Let's look forward to a better future for Handel!











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