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Construction skills of dismantling equipment for scrapped cars


  Dismantling scrapped cars requires regular dismantling equipment for scrapped cars. In the process of operation, there is an insulated floor that needs special attention. The details of its construction technology are complicated. Today, let's talk about:

  1. The insulation layer construction needs to be carried out after the completion of all procedures, and take protective measures around. The protection measures shall be organized by the construction unit and can only be implemented after being approved by the operation unit and the supervision design unit.

  2. After cleaning the original civil structure layer on the insulating layer construction surface, the fine stone concrete shall be leveled and calendered and maintained for 28 days.

  3. Then clean the ground, and then paint the bottom oil, and pay attention to uniform painting. After the bottom oil is completely dried (about 20~30 minutes),

  4. Laying coil

  4.1 According to the construction drawing, determine the joint position with meter ruler and elastic line.

  4.2 Open the package, roll out the insulation film, align it with the elastic line, and measure the length on one side of the support frame. Then pick up the coil, tear off the release paper at the back and press it near the construction surface. The membrane arch is 200mm wide.

  5.After the completion of the first insulating film, the second insulating film construction will be carried out, and the whole roll will be flattened first; Measure the length, then go back to the middle from both ends, tear off the release paper and press it near the construction surface.

  6. After the completion of the second insulating film, the protective layer construction can be carried out only after passing the test.

  7. After the protective layer is constructed with fine stone concrete, the insulation resistance rate shall be accepted.

  8. Floor tile laying according to the first phase of the floor tile laying way.



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