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How to recycle and reuse scrapped vehicles after disassembly


In recent years, with the rapid increase of car ownership in China, China has become a big country in car production and consumption. In 2016, China sold a total of 28.028 million vehicles, ranking first in the world for eight consecutive years and hitting a new record high.


However, behind the booming automobile market, the current situation of automobile recycling, disassembly and reuse in China is not optimistic:


It is understood that, except for some parts (lights and doors) that can be used in appearance, the rest are directly cut and broken, which makes many parts that can be recycled and remanufactured into scrap steel, aluminum scrap, copper scrap and other waste resources, which causes waste of resources to a certain extent. Especially since the beginning of this year, China has gradually implemented the automobile emission restriction policy, such as the restriction of country I and country II, the ending of yellow-label cars and the elimination of green-label cars. The number of scrapped cars and the speed of renewal have accelerated, which makes it more urgent to improve and promote the recycling of automobile recycling and dismantling, and it is bound to become a new economic growth point with great potential.