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Choose Chongqing Handen 5 major advantages

With professional technology and rigorous attitude to do professional things, so that customers have no worries

No 1Technology Strength

The company's technical team is composed of university professors, senior engineers, and German experts, with over 30 years of practical work experience. It can provide customers with safe, environmentally friendly, and economical dismantling equipment. We can provide customers with factory construction technical consultation, business management experience, factory layout technical solutions, etc.

No 2Production Capacity

Excellent machining equipment, precision testing instruments, with strong product manufacturing, rapid delivery of equipment capabilities .

No 3Quality Control

All employees establish the concept of quality first, consciously implement the ISO quality management system, and implement 6S management mode.

No 4Service Assurance

The establishment of a perfect quality assurance system, by engineers, technicians composed of after-sales service team with professional technology, pragmatic work style, rapid response speed, to ensure the normal operation of customer equipment. Conduct equipment operation, maintenance and repair training for customers' employees, as well as scrapped vehicle dismantling process and skill training.

No 5Value-added Services

Continue to provide customers with domestic and foreign scrapped vehicle dismantling technical information, management experience, value-added processing technology and process methods to enhance the economic benefits of enterprises