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  • Date of issue:2023-08-03
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Our industrial cutter range is specially designed for a wide range of testing Industrial applications. The ICU 40 A 30 cutter has general standard blades. Therefore this cutter is very much suitable in applications like:

Car recycling: Catalytic converters, exhaust pipes, doors, A- and B-posts, drive shafts (hollow), engine mountings, steering columns, bumpers, bull bars and pressed steel wishbones.

Demolition: Rod material, tube profiles, frames, construction materials, wood, roots (trees), fuel pipes, heating pipes, small cables.

Foundry: Removing risers and feeders from aluminium castings."



Article number 170.012.047


Basic specifications

model ICU 40 A 30

max. working pressure 500 / 50 (bar/Mpa)

blade type   30 standard

cutter type mobile



max. cutting force 644 kN / 65.7 t / 644 / 65.7 (kN/t)

max. cutting opening 181 mm


General specifications

required oil content (effective) 163 cc

Dimensions, weight and temperature

weight, ready for use 19.4 kg

temperature range -20 + 80 °C



Lightweight, user-friendly and ergonomic

Flat lever hinge pin construction enabling optimum reach

Fast for an efficient (production) process

Stays on torque due to permanent locking of central bolt

Various blade types available

Cutting capacities up to 65.7 ton

Quickly and easily exchangeable


Tools can only be operated by using both hands

Dead man's function

Guarded moving part