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Airbag detonator

Airbag detonator

  • Classification:End-of-Life Vehicle Disassembly Equipment
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  • Date of issue:2023-08-25
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It is used to detonate and dispose of the airbag disassembled from scrapped cars. After detonation, it is no longer a dangerous waste, which meets the national environmental protection requirements.


It contains a detonator, detonator box, battery, and charger, and is a dismantling equipment for scrapped cars.


Product advantages:


Simple and convenient operation, one person can operate.


Safe and stable, and will not cause any personal danger.


Built-in visual window, not to be opened in the case of undetonated or power off, to ensure safe operation; Under the unit is a quick pressure release hole with magnetic lock and mechanical lock.


With noise reduction device, the operation sound is small.



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